TRADUTECH : challenges and benefits

Some translation programs offer their students the possibility to work within the university, under conditions that are 100 % reflective of a real-life professional experience. The incredible Tradutech session takes place from the 12th to the 16th of December 2016 for the Master students studying Translation-Localization, Multilingual and Multimedia Communication at the University of Rennes 2. This project, in which 7 European Universities participate, is one of the mandatory rites of passage for every student doing a MA in translation.


What is Tradutech ?

This session is a simulation of translation projects over several days. In order to bring the project to life, the second-year master students create fictitious agencies while the lecturers take on the role of the companies or clients offering translation job. For the participating students, this simulation consists of putting into practice all the knowledge acquired over the course of their training. After creating the agencies, they must recruit first-year students to be part of their team. Once the teams are constituted, a one-week negotiating phase begins, which can last several days depending on the client’s requirements. The members of the agencies are required to plan the translation process by using project management methods, such as preparing detailed functional specifications, creating a schedule, etc. After these detailed steps, Tradutech week can finally begin.

The Objectives

Professionalization is undoubtedly an integral part of every Master program. The University of Rennes 2 includes this session as part of their program. That is why the OTCT program (Optimisation des cursus en traduction par la traduction technique collaborative – Optimising Translator Training through Collaborative Technical Translation) which is at the origin of this simulation, has as its objective : to tackle the challenges that combine academic knowledge and professional skills. Indeed, all sorts of occurrences like technical problems or suddenly tight deadlines can occur during this period. Moreover, Tradutech session doesn’t only consist of evaluating how the students face up to different situations that they will have to deal with. Cohesion between members of the team will be indirectly measured in addition to their ability to work effectively.

This challenge helps us to comprehend the business world and the working conditions that await us and for which certain students are still not yet prepared, even after doing an internship. Are we better prepared for the business world ? The answer is yes. Thanks to the efforts provided during this week, and even during the preparation process, everyone benefits. Tradutech is not merely a training session, it also gives us the opportunity to project ourselves into the professional world and to get a general idea of our capabilities.


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Translated by Arthur Chevallier-Letort